EMS Tracking

EMS China

Origin and History

EMS China, officially known as China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd., is a 100% State Post Bureau-owned subsidiary, which mainly operates domestic and international EMS services and is the largest provider in China's express service industry currently. Since its beginning in 1980, the EMS service has witnessed continuously growing volume and categories as well as improving quality. Holding the core philosophy of "Whole heartedness, rapidness and global reach" at all times, EMS China strives to meet the customer demands at all rounds by reorganizing production, opening new services and speeding up mail delivery. EMS China also tries its best to extend the service depth and improve the service level by enhancing the comprehensive producing capacity and facilitating informatization.

Growing Network

Depending on the special advantage of China Post and its own efforts, EMS China has established a continuously growing network, which links the world, covers the whole nation and connects rural areas with cities. The network now reaches over 200 countries and regions and up to 2000 domestic cities. EMS China now employs over 20,000 professional courier staff and more than 15,000 specialized courier collection and delivery vehicles. With the help of China Postal Airlines, EMS China has established an "overnight flight" concentration and distribution network with Shanghai as the hub, which helps fulfill next-day delivery in over 200 cities in China. EMS China has also established an information platform covering 318 domestic cities, more than 200 processing centers nationwide, among which the over 20,000 square meters Shanghai EMS Processing Center, the 30,000 square meters Beijing center and 37,000 square meters Guangzhou center have begun to run.

Further Development

Facing the drastic market competition and growing social demands, EMS China is engaged in optimizing its service modes, quality, depth and level, which paves the way for its further development. EMS China now provides many high-end services like domestic "next-morning delivery", "next-day delivery", international "time-certain delivery" and so on. EMS China also provides value-added services like "collection on delivery", "paid by addressee", "agent customs clearance" and so on. By adopting high technology, EMS China now has a 4 in 1 around-the-clock real-time track and trace system, short message (10665185), call center (11185) and retail counter. The system has now been connected with the UPU system, which could facilitate global EMS track and trace. EMS China has also equipped advanced e-scanning system in over 300 major cities and automatic sorting machines and GPS systems in the main processing centers. All these will contribute to the sustainable development of EMS China.