EMS Tracking
If you are looking for the online tracking of an EMS (Express Mail Service) shipment, please go to the EMS Tracking page. Usually, a China Post tracking number starts with the letter "R", while an EMS tracking number starts with the letter "E".

China Post Tracking

Please enter your tracking number below, click on the "track" button, then real-time details of your shipment will show up.

About China Post

China Post, officially known as the State Post Bureau, is the government owned postal service in the People's Republic of China. Besides operating as the official postal service, it also takes charge of regulating of the postal industry in China.

About China Post Tracking Number

A typical China Post tracking number consists of 13 characters, starting with the letter "R", following by another letter and nine digits, ending with two letters.
The tracking number can usually be found on the mailing label or receipt. If you are the receiver, you are advised to ask the sender for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why No Records? It takes some time for the records of a tracking number to show up in the system. So if the shipment was just sent out, you are advised to check out at a later time.
Why the Location Name Is Numeric or Chinese? Unfortunately, China Post only provides numeric of Chinese names for locations inside China. Showing the location on maps might give you a rough idea of where the shipment is.
How to Contact China Post Customer Service? The phone number to dial varies depending on whether you are inside or outside China. Detailed contact information can be found on the Contact China Post page.